What we’ve seen in New York City and San Bernardino and Fort Hood and Madrid and London and Paris and Brussels and everywhere in Israel and too many other places to list is that the West is at war with a particular religion, and the more we try to ignore the nature of the conflict, the more innocent people are going to be murdered. The religion we are at war with is radical Islam. The enemy is its adherents and apologists both here and in the Middle East.
This is, beyond any shadow of doubt, the most stupidly promulgated conflict in human history. The current president of the United States refuses to even refer to the term “Islamic terrorism,” despite the fact that the vast, vast, vast majority of terror attacks against Western countries have been perpetrated by radical Muslims, usually from Arab countries. It’s not the least bit racist or Islamophobic to point this out. Nevertheless, it has been labeled so by a particularly loud but small minority who lack the courage to defend Western values as superior to all others. Those values are superior, and it’s not racist to say that, either. And yet fear of being called a racist, Islamophobe, or Nazi by the intellectual adolescents who lack the courage to even verbally defend Western culture has hamstrung our efforts to fight this War of Civilizations. Call it political correctness, call it creeping leftism, call it cultural Marxism, but innocent people have been and continue to be murdered because of this fear of censure by moral imbeciles. We cannot win the war as long as we let the weakest speak the loudest.
Rather than silence these Quislings, these pacifists who would see your child dead before raising a hand against the enemy, the rest of us must speak louder. We used to take it for granted that our fellow Westerners knew that a civilization that put men on the Moon; that built and maintained the internet; that extended the lives and the quality of those lives of millions and millions of people worldwide; that produced the works of Shakespeare, Beethoven, Wyeth, and Hemingway was the greatest this planet has ever known. But we can’t take that for granted anymore. Mass-producing something as simple as a pencil isn’t equal to creating a garment that entirely covers a woman’s body to keep her from being lusted after by other men. These efforts are not comparable, and not only do we need to explain that to our children, but we need to remember it ourselves. We need to say it out loud so it becomes something we consider. Western countries, with their Enlightenment values, technological advancements, and educated populations, are vastly better in all ways than Islamic countries. Islamic countries, particularly those that practice Sharia law, have literally nothing to teach us, and we need to establish a comfort level in acknowledging that.
It’s ludicrous that we, as Westerners, should have to defend Western civilization from both external threats and the very people who live under its umbrella, but we didn’t get here in a vacuum. We assumed that the people who teach our children and manage the bureaucracy and write the books we read and make the movies we watch and command the military and write laws and report the news all share our love and respect for Enlightenment values. It turns out that they don’t, for the most part, and we erred in making that assumption. We got here because we weren’t paying attention. We weren’t being mindful. These are mistakes we mustn’t make twice.
Once we admit to ourselves and each other that the primitive, barbaric culture we’re at war with doesn’t merely hold different opinions about human rights, ethics, and the value of innocent life, but false, wrong, and destructive opinions on these things, we will begin to take this war seriously. And once we take it seriously, we will fight it seriously. And, finally, once we fight it seriously, we will win. There’s no value in empathizing, sympathizing, or acknowledging the grievances of Muslim extremists. As citizens of the greatest civilization on the planet, it’s our responsibility to root this poisonous ideology out wherever it creeps so its backward, stone-age adherents keep it within their own enclaves out of fear of what we will do to them. Nothing less will do.
But until we can say out loud and without fear of censure that Western civilization is not just different, but better in all respects, we will continue to lose innocents. That’s the first step. This isn’t a problem with humanity, or humans, or humankind: it’s a problem with radical Islam and Muslim extremists. Throwing up one’s hands in reaction to terrorism and saying, “Humanity’s bad: we’re all doomed,” is a disgusting form of victim-blaming that refuses to admit who the enemy is, what the enemy does, and who the enemy does it to.
Don’t let the Social Justice Warriors, the cultural Marxists, the Why-Do-They-Hate-Us malcontents set the terms of the conversation and shame you into voicing truths. Think about who you would want at your back in a struggle against a determined enemy, and choose your side: Western culture, or the forces that would actively destroy it.
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