You should see the looks I get when my husband wears this T-shirt.
He is a product of his training. A relentless drive for what’s right, a put-up-or-shut-up attitude, and finish-well and finish-first constitution . He works the latest, the longest, and is fiercely loyal to those lucky enough to be loved by him. He couldn’t care less what outside people think, and he truly only fears God in this life.
He’s the guy that wears t-shirts that irritate the heck out of progressives (and Rhinos). A meritage of truculent traits that often come off as egotistical, brazen, rigid, and even reckless. Folks who aspire to be the gray man or the chronic underachiever are especially defensive when presented with his character set. Because they esteem potato.
Many years ago, a young woman in my husband’s MBA class asked me out to coffee on three separate occasions to tell me everything she disliked about my husband. For some reason, she thought I would be interested in her concerns regarding how he presents himself. She thought I could fix him (ha!) or at least ask him to be less aggressive in class. She said he wasn’t especially personable and didn’t smile much, which made her feel uneasy around him.
But her "concern" only caused me to think that she not only disliked him, but that she also liked him. My highly intelligent, very physical, grouchy, know-it-all Kraut, appeals to women because he ignores them, indifferent to females who would consider themselves high caliber. One of his (true) stories includes him kicking a Playboy’s Collegiate Playmate out of his bed at a friend’s party. He was halfway to shut eye when the drunken hottie crawled in next to him. When she wouldn’t get up, her drool-worthy (well-publicized) ham promptly met the carpet.
His disgruntled female classmate was the only child of two tenured professors, an uberliberal feminist. She was also sleeping with one of the MBA professors before accusing the instructor of sexual harassment. After calling him past midnight and going to his place, she found him at the door, eagerly awaiting her… in the buff. She was notably offended at his assumption that she was there for some friendly interface, arguing that she had not yet given him the green light to approach her on that particular occasion. This was following multiple previous no-strings interludes between them.
I often wondered why she would need me to know how much she disliked my husband’s "arrogance" and curtness towards her. Instead of changing herself to garner some respect from him and others, she continued down a destructive path, blighting herself and the professor in the process. She was determined not to change because it was more comfortable and agreeable for her not to.
This reminds me much of what’s been going on with my party in past weeks. I need to disclose that Ben Carson is my first choice. He operated on my good friend’s daughter who was born with a brain tumor, and Dr. Carson’s family home is right down the road from us. People here know what kind of person he is. Someone who held innocent lives in his very hands each and every day of his surgical career. Someone who works well under extreme pressure, is a self-made man, loves God, and believes that education and hard work can break the cycle of poverty and entitlement. But Dr. Carson formally suspended his bid today at CPAC.
Trump has cast an unbreakable spell on much of my fellow conservatives, and I can see why. Our nation is reaching dire straights, a cultural riptide that desperately needs damming. We are in trouble and those who deny that fact are statists, yes-men (and women).
Trump represents the antithesis of the highly seasoned D.C. politician. He goes against the grain. I don’t appreciate his past, his flair for self-praise, or his money-love. I nearly vomited after his New Hampshire speech. Instead of something inspiring, he gushed, "I love New Hampshire so much that I might buy a farm here". Ugh. Utter disappointment at an opportune time for great words.
He’s abrasive, and his self-concept reeks of ammonia. But Trump’s a fighter who knows economy and doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him. Those are familiar traits that I first found undesirable in my own mate, but have since realized are good. Never in my fifteen-year marriage have I been concerned that my husband would spend us into oblivion, neither have I ever felt anything but safe and protected by him. That may seem feeble to some, but there is something to be said about having a strong, uninhibited leader at the helm.
Romney got clobbered seven years ago yet graced the cover of the WSJ today. He’s somehow still considered relevant and took a jab at Trump, joining other party-centric republican politicians who are too busy having temper tantrums to accept who the voters obviously and consistently want.
Trump isn’t my choice either but when the populace speaks, the party needs to respond in service. It’s not about you, so get out of the way.
If the republican establishment indeed ruins Trump as promised and Hillary or Bernie gets elected then I’ll be the one buying a farm in New Hampshire…albeit a modest one.
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