Canada. A quirky, perky and very cold country full of overly polite hockey players who like maple syrup, brightly coloured money, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, and Drake?

Or a frozen wasteland where entrepreneurship is stifled, creativity is stunted, corruption is pervasive, and all are subject to the whims of the terrifying and invisible Consensus?

Maybe both?

Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Josh Lieblein, pharmacist, political activist, and teller of tales. I was recruited to Liberty Island by a man you all know and respect- Mr. Dave Swindle- who answered a call for assistance when a new Canadian conservative website – Rebel Media– was looking for writers to contribute to its community blog, The Megaphone.

For a year, Dave and I dialogued about the commonalities and differences between Canadian and American politics, the future of conservatism in a world beset by Trumpism, and how to inspire conservatives to create and take back the culture from the left.

Now the Megaphone has been shut down, scrubbed from the Internet, due to lack of traffic- or was that the work of the Consensus again? Hmmmm…..

Luckily, Dave and I have been working together to bring an epic fantasy trilogy based on the strange and darkly funny world of Canadian politics to life. I’ll be sharing chapters from the rewritten version of the first volume- Obsidian- as they come to life with you, as well as some insights from up north that you might find interesting.

For example…what if I told you that we already have a government run by President Hillary Clinton….and it’s in Canada?

And what if I told you that there was a Canadian prototype for Donald Trump?

In my next post, I’ll be revealing more about these mysteries.

Until then…..I’m Josh Lieblein, and just like we say up in Canada all the time…It is what it is.

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