Northern Baltimore County, Maryland

We deployed our brood of six to the polls early today, at 8:30 am, where there was already a line 90 minutes long! When we finally left the parking lot at 10:30, the line was doubled up and still out the door!

This is a positive sign and for good reason. Four years ago, much of the rural population stayed home. There was no wait at the two polling stations in our district. Folks were unenthusiastic and simply chose to disengage.
But this year looks to be different from here in agrarian Maryland. Yes, Maryland will still be solid blue. But if what I see here is a reflection of country mice across this nation, and the conservatives in the outlying counties and the tiny corners of the USA come out to cast a ballot, then this could be an indicator of a positive outcome in the much needed swing states.
I’d be interested in hearing what’s going on in other parts of our beautiful country. Please post a snapshot if you can!
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