My new eBook, Mortal Gods: Ignition, is on sale now. It’s a collection of three short stories in a universe where superhumans–not superheroes–are real. You can read an excerpt of one of the stories at Liberty Island. But you can also find out more about the stories right now as Victoria, one of the characters, provides a short commentary about what you can expect from the first story, “Like Hail and Fire, Mixed with Blood.”
“We’ve been attacked. Again. And what does the president do about it? He assures our enemies they have nothing to fear. Not from him, anyway. But I know someone else whom they should fear. And he’s coming for them.
“He’s coming for them and not by writing a sarcastic column or micro-blogging *burns* for everyone else to heart and re-post. Nor is he penning a sophisticated policy response at a respectable publication or think tank. He’s not making a 90-second appearance on a popular news network and hysterically crying about how this president is refusing to defend the U.S. yet again. . . .
Read the rest at Liberate Liberty.
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