Tina Fey- I’m not looking away, I can promise you that.
But women like myself should scare you plenty, and I suspect we do when you’re not on camera. Because I couldn’t care less about who you are or what you think. And it seems from your most recent interview, you don’t care about me either…
As an absolute conservative, my views seem simple. You think I spend my waking hours in front of HGTV and that I’m too preoccupied with pretend things and people to see the Pro-Life movement as the preeminent U.S. champion of female oppression. Your kind are the very same that claim to support women outside of the home yet insisted Ivanka Trump’s pumps get out of Nordstrom. You only empathize with working women who think like you.
Yes, you are funny and clever and successful. But that doesn’t mean that I must worship you. You are not my leader. You never were nor will you ever be.
You have great taste in glasses. I’ll give you that. But beyond the spectacles, you are most certainly guilty of poor taste. Associating with Alec Baldwin? The last time he said something memorable was, "Coffee is for closers!" If only the ACLU truly represented the civil liberties of all Americans, especially the seemingly unwanted. (In case you missed the ACLU telethon, last evening, here’s a link. Pictured below are the celebrity headliners.)
You believe that as a white educated woman, I should not be so concerned with the security of our nation, private servers, the care of our vets, the economy, our trade issues, my right as a Christian to stand up for my beliefs, or the right to teach my children (my way) about reproduction. My vote every four years should be limited to the bullet-points of your liberal feminist manifesto, only.
But it is not your job to explain "LGBT" to my thirteen-year-old at public school, and it is certainly not your place to silence the interpreted voice of the unborn.
You call it "women’s health" but beat your battle drums as if Trump personally pulled the sponge out from under your vaginal floor.
But fear not! For women everywhere do know where babies come from…and could feel compelled to buy contraceptives if the American Taxpayer is no longer funding abortions. Better yet, they might even forgo no-strings interludes for a man who actually cares.
Heaven forbid that happen. Hmmm….What would Lena Dunham do?
And Ms. Fey, despite your claim, no one is threatening to take away your pap smears, certainly not Donald Trump or Mike Pence. They have more important things to do like figuring out how to beat ISIS.
Entitlement is not my biggest beef with you and your ACLU cohorts. It’s the message that none of those tiny lives matter. So in case you haven’t heard-
Those aborted babies were wanted
Maybe not by someone like you but by someone like me, or someone much better than me. Someone that believes that all life is precious, no matter how dependent or inconvenient.
Perhaps you should ask an adopted adult if they would have preferred to die. Because the adopted people I know are not only pro-life, but also educated white women. And they aren’t looking away either.
I have four cousins who were adopted by my aunt who could not conceive with her husband. They were crack babies, fetal alcohol syndrome babies, or otherwise seemingly undesirable, sickly, and expensive newborns. But guess what? They were wanted.
It is not up to you or Hillary Clinton or Gloria Steinem or Ashley Judd to decide who is wanted and who is not wanted. Who the hell are you to decide who lives and who dies?
The sick thing is that your liberal friends would no doubt have an issue with puppies being cut out of their mother and distributed to high school biology classes to be dissected for the sake of science. Yet somehow, human remains "fortifying" a wrinkle cream with fresh cells is something to celebrate.
How very funny.
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