It has become popular of late for people who hate religion (and one could easily assume also hate the United States itself), to claim the Constitution does not support the Ten Commandments in any way, and, indeed, these folks have grown rather fond of declaring the Constitution was meant to prevent the Ten
Commandments from inflicting various unspecified horrors upon us.

What nonsense!

More correctly, what a load of foul smelling pig-crap only a leftist could enjoy wallowing in. Yoo-Hoo, liberals, please enjoy your wallow. No matter how much excrement you use, you will never cover up your true stench. You will always smell like America-hating, uninformed idiots, and no amount of lofty college degrees can turn your idiotic behavior into wisdom, let alone make you smell better. Oh, and before you start crying, which all leftists are abnormally good at doing, please tell the rest of us how many of your silly ideas actually seemed as good in real life as they did while you were altering your brains through drug use?

I wish leftists were able to see the way their behavior appears to normal people. For many of us, screeching liberals are the same as cats. The ones doing the most caterwauling are the
biggest pussies.

My goodness, did that sound too inflammatory? Guess I might feel inclined to tone down my rhetoric a bit, and even possibly consider retracting my statements, if I was actually concerned what some loud-mouthed wimp would do to me.

That’s the advantage of being
conservative; I’m already prepared to stand up for myself. In case you haven’t
noticed, liberal crybabies only want other people to defend them. Hell, they
want other people to do everything for them! They aren’t strong enough, mentally, morally, and/or physically, to do anything for themselves. Even when whiners get elected to high office they’re
still personally weak. All their power is derived from the people they use.
Just look at Harry Reid. Why, that poor soul couldn’t even defend himself
against the secret, right-wing cabal hiding deep inside his exercise equipment.

Now, in case you believe I have
drifted off topic, let me start tying these things together. I am merely
exercising my right to free speech, guaranteed to me by the U.S. Constitution,
and the point is no frightened mouse of a liberal will ever have to fear I
might escalate to a physical attack because that is one right I have not been guaranteed.
It’s too bad they don’t realize it, but the only reason annoying wussies have
any protection at all from the people who could easily pound them into the dirt
is because the Ten Commandments provides them that protection, through the Constitution.

The libs may not like it, but the Ten Commandments truly are a part of the U.S. Constitution. In fact, they are the very foundation of that magnificent document, and anybody who’d gotten a real education would already know this.

For those who are unaware, the
Constitution is actually three sources of law all put together. The first, and
most important is the Ten Commandments, and the second is British law as it
existed before the Constitution was written. Any person who’d completed law
school, and paid attention, would know this is why old British court cases are still usable as precedent for some American legal disputes.

Naturally, lawyers who attended a
liberal school where this aspect of the Constitution was deliberately ignored
can be forgiven for not knowing the Constitution is built upon two other
sources of law, but no politician with a law degree has any excuse for not
spending more time actually studying the source of law he or she is required to
work under. Come on! How can you honestly be expected to "support and defend
the Constitution" if you don’t even know that much about it?

It’s sad, but even conservatives,
particularly amongst our elected leaders, are seemingly oblivious to the fact the
Ten Commandments had to be used as the foundation of our Constitution or else
the whole thing would have been powerless. Without a formal declaration of our
rights being God-given, backed up by the Ten Commandments, human tyrants would
have been able to later claim they alone held all power over us. You don’t have
to believe in God to accept this; all you need do is accept the idea, thanks to
the presence of the Ten Commandments, no power-hungry human or group can ever claim
to have genuine governmental authority to remove your rights. In a nutshell, the only way our freedoms can be forcibly taken away by our government is if God came down to personally oversee their
. Even atheists can appreciate the reasoning behind that concept.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean
there aren’t other ways political tyrants can usurp our rights. Our freedom is
also our weakness. We are free to give our freedoms away, in the event enough
of us ever became stupid enough to go along with it, and therein lies the
problem. We may have already reached that point.

The funny thing is we had a lot more
freedom when everybody was being reminded the Ten Commandments were the true
origin of all our laws. It was only after leftists started attacking religion
generally, and the Ten Commandments specifically, that our freedoms began to be
taken away. Some amount of freedom was lost every time the leftists succeeded
in getting a law passed to change our behavior.

Now, honestly, once they started
ignoring the Ten Commandments, doesn’t it seem a bit odd so many laws we never
needed before had to suddenly be created? All we’ve gotten in return is
leftists telling us new things we must either do or not do. It’s as if the libs
realized too late there was an empty space created in decent human behavior, after
the Commandments had been pushed aside, and that space somehow had to be refilled.

The trouble is they were too
arrogant to even consider the possibility they may have made a mistake. Oh no,
these people are thoroughly convinced they are smarter than anybody else, past
or present, so, even after decades of failed attempts, they are still convinced
they can fill the void with something just as effective. All they have to do is
create more new regulations until they get it correct. After hundreds of
thousands of these new regulations, they still haven’t created anything as
simple and effective as the original ten. How’s that for proof of the power of
leftist thought?

I don’t understand why people can’t
see what’s so obvious. The fact this country remained strong for over two hundred
years under the knowledge the Ten Commandments were backing up the Constitution
should carry a lot more weight than any weak arguments a few uneducated whiners
are using against the Constitution now, especially since their bizarre ideas
have only been around for less than a single generation. Not once since the
1960’s have they been able to prove their ideas will definitively make things
better. Indeed, the best they’ve done is demonstrate everything they’ve "fixed"
so far needs constant repair. What, we’re supposed to ignore their failures now
and just throw all we ever had away because some know-it-alls somehow got a
notion, without bothering to do any serious research first, the Constitution
was a flimsy, ever-changeable document with no religious thought behind it?
Since when is fantasy usable as the basis for arguments?

Don’t answer. I already know. It’s
since people grew so ignorant and lazy they no longer felt they needed to look
into things themselves before developing opinions. All most folks know now is
what they were told by some other person, who also didn’t do any actual
research, and if you follow that trail of ignorance back, person by person, you
will eventually find a person who simply made it up.

This brings up a very serious
question, if the leftists ever manage to get total control of the country,
merely by building up a foundation of lies, where’s the solid rock base they
can later use to justify maintaining that control? They won’t have one. Let’s
face it, there isn’t a chance in hell they’ll be able to create a system as
good as what we originally had, let alone a better one, but, even if by some
miracle they ever did, they still wouldn’t be able to keep it.

I’m seriously starting to believe
they already know this. I strongly suspect there are people pushing for the
conversion of this country who only care about what they can get from it during
their lifetimes, and they don’t care at all about what will happen in the
future after they’re gone. I don’t know about you, but I can’t stand the idea
of a few selfish people being able to get away with destroying everything for the
rest of us.

I suppose it would be a hate-crime these days to say, "Screw them!", so I’ll just put that alleged impulsive reaction away until we ever become free enough to say such things again.

With that happy thought, let’s pause a moment and look at how a leftist set of commandments would appear (We’ll only do the first page because, as you may have noticed, leftists are much better at
creating new rules than they are at reading existing ones.):

Geez Louise, I hope whenever the leftists do take over they have the decency to
change the name and standard of our country. The old ideals and symbolism
behind what this country once stood for will no longer apply, and the least
they could do is admit such old-fashioned concepts as being united, being willing
to sacrifice our blood for the sake of others, and carrying the torch of
freedom for the rest of the world are gone forever.

With the not so sure and certain hope our country will come to its senses before it’s too late, I
still say, "Life to America!"

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