Not sure why this came to mind. True story. I’d almost forgotten it happened.

A little over a year ago, at dusk, I noticed police lights on the street both a block east and a block west of our home. Something else struck me as strange. It was only 6:30 pm, still rush hour, yet there were no cars going either way on our otherwise well travelled country road.
I went downstairs to interrupt the husband watching football. He got a weird look on his face, grabbed a jacket and headed down the street to see what was up. He learned from (the only helpful) policeman that our road in front of our home had been closed because a suicidal man under the influence was holding three family members hostage in the house directly across the street from us. Perfect.
The husband gave me some instructions, put the four kids and I in an interior upstairs room, and double checked the doors and windows. Then he went downstairs and geared up for the very reason our founding fathers established the Second Amendment–For protection of self and family. And because sometimes trouble presents itself in your own back yard.
It seems that the male neighbor, who was apparently an angry drunk, was armed with a powerful rifle and wanted to kill himself. He assaulted his elderly mom and estranged wife, with a metal pipe, but somehow the mom made it to the medivac helicopter that landed in a field next door and was flown to a hospital. She was in serious condition. But the cops lost track of the guy after the mom was lifted. They believed that he was now running around outside on our property, rifle in tow. What if we hadn’t any means to protect our family from a man who had just sent his elderly mom to shock trauma with a metal pipe? By now, my husband was irritated. Not good for the armed drunk outside.
The road remained closed and the street lights, turned off. Next thing we know, there’s a team of sizable armed guys with night vision goggles in our front yard looking for the now fugitive suicidal male . The husband waited quietly inside the french doors, watching the SWAT team disappear into the woods.
Ten minutes later, there’s a loud knock at the front door. Someone demanding we open the door. They didn’t bother to tell my husband who they were. But he had been watching them so he knew it was the SWAT team. SWAT team leader said to turn all our interior and exterior lights off because they are interfering with the night vision goggles, but no further info. Lucky for me, my buddy down the street is a cop listening to the scanner play-by-play. She kept me informed of what was going on via text messages.
This went on for two hours…That is, until the guy made his way back into his house. Shortly after, two SWAT trucks pulled into our driveway and unloaded. By now, it was 9 p.m.. I put another movie on the iMac and put together a makeshift picnic for us to eat on the floor. After all, we’d missed dinner. All was well with the children until a separate helicopter began to hover directly over our house, illuminating the suicidal guys’s house directly across the street. The cops were yelling into his house with a bull-horn. Apparently, they had the guy on the phone and were trying to talk him out of his weapon. Didn’t work, so the SWAT team launched a raid from our front yard.
If I hadn’t been married to the guy I’m married to, I would have been scared half to death. But he was just as calm and collected as ever. Internally daring the guy to come back into our yard with that rifle so he could just end the whole thing and get some sleep.
The hubby basically told me everything the SWAT team was going to do, minute by minute, then they did just as he said they would, quietly sending a couple guys to a back door or window while they someone our front held his attention.
The street got that scary kinda quiet again,. The SWAT teams quickly filed back into the black trucks and exited the driveway. Of course, no one bothered to knock on the door and tell us it was over. We didn’t know what had happened or if it was safe to get the kids off the floor and into bed. It was 10:30 p.m.
Unfortunately, the man was successful in ending his own life. But I wondered what would have happened if he had unintentionally fired his rifle into our home while in the front or backyard. And I was thankful that if he had, that he wouldn’t have been given the chance to fire another.
After the story came out, the liberal anti-gun folks in the community used the dismal event as an excuse for Maryland’s tighter concealed carry permit laws. The problem is, that like the crazed neighbor, violent people are going to get guns from somewhere. There is no bad guy gun shortage. The gun he used to end his own life was unaccounted for, as if it appeared out of nowhere. Which is another reason why law abiding citizens need to bear arms. Because one can’t account for the stupid of others.
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