In 2005, Michael Symon opened Lolita in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, not far from our then home. Ten years ago, the concept of a cured meat plate by an Iron Chef was an obtuse offering. But we were curious, and easily booked a table for date night. It was indeed tasty, but not mind-blowing, however the restaurant concept was a catalyst for restaurants to focus on the meat centric populace. Because age old techniques for keeping and preparing meats had since been sadly underutilized.
Newer high end restaurants such asOld Majorin Denver have benefitted from dedicated to cured meats and house made charcuterie.
My favorite referenceThe River Cottage Cookbookby British chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is very much about common sense animal husbandry and end use of the said beasts whether in a gelatinous molded "cheese" compromised of strange suspended floating organs or sausages of herbed waterfowl that accompany any variety of freshly plucked greens from his countryside garden. And the chef/author goes to great pains to outline what it is to take a life in order to sustain one’s own. Although I am certain the author would consider his "back to basics" way of farming progressive in nature, it is very much born from the concept of self-reliance, a way of life prized by true conservatives.
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