The Case for Nuking Tora Bora

Jack July

I was watching the news last evening when I saw a story
of a man riding his horse across the country. Matt Littrell, a Marine veteran of Afghanistan
will ride a horse twenty six hundred miles across country to raise money and
awareness for our wounded veterans. He said something that kept me up late last
night. He said "an average of twenty two veterans commit suicide every day."
Let that sink in for a moment. EVERY DAY. Not week, not month, EVERY DAY. That
is staggering.

What do you know about Nuclear weapons? Think hard. Not
what you have been told by propagandists, learned while reading fiction or
other avenues of regurgitated B.S. What do you really know? I say 99.99% of you
know nothing. I know a little about weapons and the properties of radiation. I
have worked in Nuclear power plants and been on navy vessels that carry nuclear
weapons. I know enough to know the American arsenal has many sizes and types of
Nuclear weapons. Little Nukes, medium Nukes and big Nukes each with it’s own
plan and purpose. Would life on earth
end if we used one? We set some pretty big bombs off in the Nevada desert in
the fifties, and yet here we all are. There are Places in Afghanistan that kind
of remind me of Nevada.

After September 11, 2001, the world stood still. Vladimir
Putin called President Bush, offered his condolences and assistance then stood
down his military. I repeat, STOOD DOWN HIS MILITARY! Other countries did the
same. While the smoke was still pouring from the ruins in Manhattan and Muslims
throughout the world danced, leaders in the Middle East boarded jets and ran
like hell to NATO and othe neutral countries. They knew we were going to Nuke
them. KNEW IT, but we didn’t. For thirty days, give or take, we had a window to
fix what was broken. We had a window to Kill Osama Bin Laden and thousands of
Al Qaeda and Taliban. But most importantly, we could have made an enduring
point. We could have screamed at the world, "THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN!" All
we had to do was take two or three tactical Nuclear weapons and destroy Tora

that really wouldn’t happen. An actual scientist would probably tell you that
part of a certain mountain range may be uninhabitable for a few years.
Depending on the weapon size, probably little fallout in Pakistan, India and
China. A couple Billion Dollars each would have shut them up and paid for
cleanup. What have we invested in Afghanistan so far, half a trillion? We would
still be money ahead. Besides, the world would have been happy that we didn’t
just go ahead and vaporize most of the Middle East.

want to know what’s really insane? How about 2320 of our best and brightest
young Men and Women dead? How about 19,722
wounded in the most heinous of ways. Oh and don’t forget the tens of thousands
scared mentally. Like the pebble in the
pond, the rings travel outward. Family, friends and communities devastated. Is that insane enough for you? Want some real
insanity? After over a decade of
sacrifice, struggle and hundreds of billions of hard-earned tax dollars wasted,
we will soon be bugging out. It is my opinion that in a period of a few years,
it will return to the condition we found it.
We can join the long list of countries and civilizations that sought to
tame that God forsaken place only to leave humbled and defeated. The Russians
warned us but did we listen? How Insane is that?

If we add the number of KIA in Afghanistan to the number
of indirect deaths caused by Afghanistan, we a looking at nearly the same
number of people as were killed on 9/11. Our revenge will cost us as many lives
as the actual attack. Imagine if a Police Officer died every time we had to
arrest a murderer. Analogous? Some would disagree but I think I could argue it.
Insanity? Absolutely.

It is likely that somewhere today, a wife, sister,
mother, brother or father is going to walk into their home and call out for
their military veteran only to be met with silence. They will search the house
and find their loved one dead from suicide. Please God care for them.

We should have Nuked Tora