*I need to amend this post. I was wrong about the weapons charge against Freddie Grey. After reading a April 24 report by CNN on what Freddie was arrested for I assumed he had been arrested for an illegal weapon when in fact he was carrying a switchblade that is legal in Maryland. I apologize for my mistake. Arresting someone for carrying a legal weapon certainly coincides with the public outburst regarding his illegal arrest, although I wholeheartedly disagree with the means to which the protesters took out their anger. There was certainly police negligence involved but burning cars, buildings, and looting local businesses (then consequently bragging about it on social media) is no more civil than giving a "rough ride" in a police van and nearly killing a helpless person. A thug is a thug, whether in a hoodie or uniform, and neither should be tolerated by the public. I was also wrong about Grey being pursued by bike police because of a weapons charge. He was not. He began to run after making eye contact with police and in drug ridden neighborhoods cops are allowed to chase someone running from them. Why was Grey running? Protesters insist he was simply "running while black", indicating that Grey feared police because of race-based police brutality in the area. However, Grey had been in and out of prison as mentioned below and it is unlikely that he was imprisoned simply because of his race. As of today, May 1st Grey’s death has been ruled a homicide and the six officers involved in cuffing/shackling Grey in the back on the police van without being secured with a seatbelt as well as the driver are being charged.*

What started out as peaceful dialogue between truly concerned citizens and the police force that serves them has turned into an urban war zone. As of this morning, fifteen police officers are injured, six of whom are in serious condition. And now that Al Sharpton’s arrived, I’m convinced that Baltimore is indeed doomed.

The funeral of Freddie Grey took place yesterday afternoon. Three White House delegates were present as was Elijah Cummings, the U.S. Representative for Baltimore City. Cummings spoke at the funeral mentioning Grey’s younger years as an active church-goer and volunteer who assisted during Sunday services. But since 2009, Grey had been in and out of prison on drug and weapons charges, his most recent and last arrest for an outstanding weapons charge.
Baltimore City buildings and police cars burned last night despite Democratic Mayor Rawlings-Blake giving the rioters "who wished to destroy things space to do that." In other words, a public place to have a lengthy calamitous temper tantrum at the taxpayer’s expense.
Increasing numbers of opportunistic thugs sought to benefit from Grey’s tragedy, a fatal spinal cord injury incurred while in police custody. Grey’s mishandling and consequential death fanned the flames of an already strained relationship between police and residents.
A dear friend of mine’s husband was downtown last night, he’s a seasoned police officer. He says that in the drug-ridden neighborhoods he patrols that grandparents used to raise the children. Now no one raises them. He shared that an elderly black man had a heart attack last night during the rioting after watching his neighborhood that was once poor but dignified become what is now a shattered smoking street with youth looting stores and a pharmacy on fire.
How exactly did a calm group of concerned citizen protestors at the Baltimore City Police precinct last week morph into an all-out riot this week?
Jason L. Riley, a senior editorial writer for the Wall Street Journal spoke at Hillsdale college on January 30, 2015 about this very thing, the increasing breakdown of race relations and law enforcement. He addresses the issue in his recently published book, Please Stop Helping Us, where he illustrates the toxic exchange between the black community and government. Specifically, how public policies aimed at younger blacks are backward.
Riley offers suggestions for reversing crime trends such as limiting government interference– namely "helpful" programs that have kept blacks from thriving. He states that fifty years ago when President Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act, "removing barriers to freedom" as Johnson said, that black families were predominantly still intact, two out of three black children being raised in a two-person household.
Since then, black fathers in the homes have declined and black boys without fathers are sixty-eight percent more likely to be incarcerated. In his book, Riley encourages young black men to have a hand in their future by making good choices and being productive citizens not embracing a culture of entitlement, victimhood, and celebrated thuggery.
Liberals blame the failed plight of the black male on society at large, funneling responsibility from the black community to the white masses, especially conservatives. This attitude is witnessed in the NYT rebuttal of Please Stop Helping Us where Orlando Patterson reviews Riley’s book with distaste, asserting that blacks should not be blamed for their higher incarceration rates or crime. That such conservative thought is racist, dated, and faulty, because it does not make an effort to "understand" the underclass black male societal situation.
Racism exists but does not force one to be a drug dealer nor does it push young black males to violently kill each other. The black community itself is the culprit. Because when a black male is removed from a volatile community he has a much higher rate of survival, even more so than white males from similar backgrounds.
A recent study held in North Carolina prisons concluded that black inmates live longer than their community-dwelling black counterparts. Imprisonment actually keeps some black criminals from being killed and black prisoners are safer, healthier, and even live longer than imprisoned white male cohorts.
I’m not black, nor do I pretend to understand what it is to be black. But it seems to me that one must consciously decide to change one’s community, regardless of race, if the community one dwells in is a losing proposition. Grey made poor choices and although his untimely death may have involved police negligence, he was not being chased down for the simple fact that he was black. He was wanted on weapons charges.
The Baltimore looters don’t care about Freddie Grey any more than they want healing in their community. Because civility would not allow them to jump on cars, burn or throw things, assault policemen, or trespass and loot private property.
If black communities in Baltimore want to restore dignity to their neighborhoods then they need to take out the trash.
Here’s one mom giving her grown son a whoopin’ after seeing him throw rocks at police on tv. *contains expletives*
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