Today’s stocking stuffer suggestion for liberals comes in the form of a "Liberal Values" statement piece in white cotton with black print. Because Liberal values really do include fair elections (vote early and often), accountability (Benghazi), compassion (for trees), and generosity.

And when exactly did liberals take ownership of the science arena? Science is a source of fascination to all. As a grad student, I could easily sketch a 2-D DNA model with mutated cells from oxygen free radical damage at the chromosomal level. Seeing the body work on that scale was something that stuck and I would argue that science (in general) is considered important to most folks, regardless of political persuasion.
After seeing this shirt, I’d consider printing a "Conservative Values" t-shirt with the same words less the terms "anti-war" and "choice". Because for liberals, anti-war means remaining prostrate under any condition including government tyranny and choice entails routinely snuffing out the lives of the unwanted. Talk about passive-aggressive.
Of course, those ideas will soar over the heads of our liberal loved ones. They’ll think the printed words well encapsulate their enlightened beliefs and wear the new "Liberal Values" t-shirt with immense unfounded pride.

You can find this shirt on Just search "Liberal Values".

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