Staring at your own words for hours upon hours is absolutely the most boring (tedious) activity a human can withstand. That is, if you are a would-be human writer.

Luckily, for those of us writing in the Tech Age, we have the internet to check our facts, consult a dictionary, thesaurus, or most importantly, to offer humor and make our task of (for instance) editing one’s own second novel, considerably more tolerable.
Drudge was chock-full of politica this morning…including more on Trump…then more on Trump, etc. Trump doesn’t give a rip and that’s commendable. But can we all agree that he’s a hot head and perhaps not the ideal man to have a red button at his disposal?
But there are other reasons not to vote for Trump, despite his laudable distain for the conservative establishment in elephant form. Namely, his lack of scruples regarding his own self-concept.
So, today I was in need of a good laugh and turned to Disqus for some amusement. I clicked on funnies. Who popped up? None other than Trump, who is increasingly entertaining…
Here is Trump imitating a small rodent…I believe it is a guinea pig…or a really well done stuffed animal.
And then of course, Trump as a mysterious unknown jungle creature…
and Trump as a horses arse?
You can see the entire discussion for yourselves at Disqus…Trump look-alikes in the animal kingdom as well as other celebrities and their non-human equivalents (including the most hysterical photo of our first lady as Ellen Ripley’s antagonist).
A hearty "thank you" to Nat-leficent at Disqus for initiating such a brilliant thread! I needed a pick-me-up as it’s just Wednesday…and I’m already out of coffee…
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