Mortal Gods: "Sodom by the Susquehanna" is a brand new serial story. I published the first chapter yesterday and will continue publishing new chapters on an irregular basis. (It starts with a bang so go read it if you haven’t already done so.) And since it has a bit of a unique title I thought I’d share its origin.

The Patriot-News in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania published an article on January 16, 2000 titled, "Sodom by the Susquehanna – Current crop of scandalous exploits recalls Legislature’s corruption troubles of 1970s."
Harrisburg is the Pennsylvania state capital, hence the Legislature is in it. Therefore, the article title is referring to Harrisburg as Sodom. Sodom, of course, is the evil city in the Bible which God destroys with fire and brimstone from heaven. (See Genesis 19 for the story of the destruction of Sodom. And read a few chapters before that for more of the story of it and the equally evil city of Gomorrah.)
And the "Susquehanna" in the article title refers to the Susquehanna River, which directly borders the Pennsylvania capital city.
My story is set in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The plot centers on a group of terrorists based in the city who have taken over it, and who are threatening the entire nation from it. So the old article title was a perfect fit for the story.
Again, go read the first chapter of "Sodom by the Susquehanna" if you haven’t already done so. And please also subscribe to my website, Liberate Liberty. You’ll receive an alert in your email inbox whenever I publish anything new–including the next chapter of this new story.
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