What happens when a hipster NYC-based brand joins forces with one of the oldest and best woolen mills in the nation? A thick and wooly conservative/libertarian blanket.
I came across a photo of this blanket in my search to ever expand my wool blanket collection this Christmas. I’m not into electronics, shoes, purses, clothes, or jewelry. But I go nuts for a cool, vintage or vintage-style wool blanket with an unusual pattern or palette.
Blankets are incredibly useful when you either live in or routinely visit cold places up north. A pile of (not scratchy) wool blankets keeps the kids and myself toasty warm on long truck rides across the country, on the couch, or in front of a flatscreen watching the Red Wings (without my Quincey who is now in NJ).
We had twelve in the house over Thanksgiving weekend when my newest love arrived in the mail. A reversible ivory/ ripe persimmon (that’s orange in man-speak) throw carefully wrapped in a plastic sleeve with a lovely little card stock tag on a tiny safety pin. Next to that little love note from Faribault to me (actually, the love is most likely all on my end), a sewn-on embroidered ribbon noting the style number and maker…the place where folks used to write their last names on good blankets back in the day.
I would have waited until Santa did his shopping, but this limited-run lovely well-made blanket with a message akin to "pull your own weight" is a hot item and I wasn’t about to miss out. Because unlike most tartan and traditional plaid blankets out there this season (like Woolrich’s Rough Rider Fleece-lined throw that I picked up last year), this one has fresh appeal and doesn’t shout "Holiday 2016". I can see our kids swaddled in "Paddle Your Own Canoe" on a crisp June evening by the campfire in Northern Michigan just as easily as it will be utilized on New Year’s Eve, sipping some good rye, fireside with my fella.
The best part? It marries fresh/current/hipster design (Izola) with a solid and dependably made product steeped in excellence, tradition, and utility (Faribault).
I’d like to see this kind of positive collaboration in more than just textiles. Perhaps the idea of "paddling one’s own canoe" will indeed surpass predisposed entitlement theology in the next four years, and our nation can get back to consistently working and making beautiful things worth having…like my new blanket.
*I can’t buy anything full price, so I signed up for email updates from Izola in return for 20% off my blanket. But today, Cyber Monday, all purchases at Izola are 30% off with code "mondayfunday".
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