Most of the terrorist activity in Seattle is planned by our City Council and implemented by the Department of Transportation (SDOT) and Department of Revenue (DOR). They employ a two-pronged strategy. The first part involves pummeling any business owner foolish enough to try to make a profit. And, in part two, they punish consumers who attempt to patronize these businesses.
All of these strategies are now in place and can be readily observed. Seattle’s new $15 per hour minimum wage has made national headlines as it’s the highest in the land. Also known as the Guaranteed Youth Unemployment Mandate, this measure effectively channels young people into institutions of “higher” learning where their overpriced tuition payments contribute positively to the nation’s debt load, at the same time supporting salaries for boatloads of college administrators (party cadres) as well as for a few professors.
Last weekend you could observe a parade of these Fifteen-$-Per-Hour (F$PH) folks at your leisure. SDOT blocked off major traffic arteries heading north out of downtown. The ostensible reason for this coordinated operation was to allow safe access to the Fremont Solstice Day Parade, known chiefly as a pagan celebration of naked bicycling.
However, the road closures created massive traffic back-ups extending miles from the actual parade. Clearly SDOT is war-gaming a population control scenario where major routes into and out of the city are cut and then a provocative event is staged somewhere within the perimeter. Panic ensues and then martial law can be implemented.
The latest gambit is the head tax. The brainchild of Kshama Sawant (the only openly avowed socialist on the City Council) and Nick Licata, the head tax would be combined with further increases to the cost of parking for the public. In one brilliantly calculated stroke, this measure would further increase F$PH unemployment rates, drive business owners closer to bankruptcy, and encourage people to shop elsewhere. Emptying out downtown will make it easier for buses to get around. And everyone knows that free-range buses–even the empty ones–are better for the environment.
We are lucky to live in a city where Big Brother is watching us.
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