There’s a myth about conservatives that I never bought into. This is because I grew up in a blue collar home. We never had nice clothes or nice cars. Most of my relatives have a high school education, or less. Several of my aunts and uncles lived in single-wide trailers. My own dad never matriculated, but earned his GED while in the Army. My mom, who also enjoys writing, still says that her proudest moment was getting an "A" in a creative writing course she took at the local community college. Because she never thought she was smart enough to take a college course. They worked hard and saved. They made their own money and expected my brother and I to do the same. They were staunch conservatives and still are.

That myth is that Republicans, or conservatives in general are greedy old white men who are not concerned with anyone but themselves. Folks who benefitted from trust funds, good breeding, and the like. People who earned their money by exploiting others. People who should feel inherent guilt for what they have, and since they don’t, need the tight grip on their purse strings loosened…a lot. It is the conservatives and conservative laws that made the underclass poor. Likewise, leftover conservative laws and legislation reduced the middle class to barely able to scrape together enough to live month to month.
I don’t remember much about my studies as an undergrad at University of Maryland, College Park. I was there to participate in a particular intergenerational wellness research program on campus that would move my career in gerontology along, not for the Reagan-hating professors who blamed him for single handedly murdering the American steel workers, causing bloody communist revolutions in South America, or for ultimately breaking up Mork and Mindy (not really). I’m sure it was also Reagan who’s lingering war on the black American family turned Bill Cosby into a serial rapist.
On September 26th, published an article that should remove all doubt that liberals not only have more, but make a point of projecting their own lack of generosity and accountability in the plight of the underclass. They blame conservatives for building fortunes on the backs of others while their own residences in deep blue states are worth a whopping 92% more than the homes owned in red states.
Generations of American voters have been hoodwinked into believing that conservatives are greedy, own a majority of resources in the country, and are the least likely to share their blessings with others. That those who vote red have an agenda to turn back time, return to shackling our minorities, take away a woman’s right to vote in elections, starve the already malnourished young ones in our nation,
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