Remember Peak Oil? That’s the theory that oil production would begin an irreversible decline sometime in the near future. In 1975 the target date for peak oil was 1995. After that, new target dates were advanced by different experts every couple of years–2004, 2005, 2010.
Today, conservatives and libertarians are worried that, perhaps, Peak Liberty occurred in 2008. Under the current regime we experience:
1.Spying on our calls and online communications by the executive branch
2.The systematic misuse of tax collection authorities to suppress political free speech
3.A Justice Department that systematically refuses to enforce the law based on political affiliation
4.A Chief Executive who regularly rewrites legislation that was passed by Congress
5.Domination of the media by institutions that are aligned with the regime’s political agenda
6.An entrenched education bureaucracy that systematically imposes its political values on students and actively suppresses opposing points of view
7.The use of paramilitary forces by the government to collect what amounted to overdue property taxes

Plenty of good reasons to fear the end is nigh. But remember the fate of those hopeful prognostications of doom for the oil industry. Each time, predictions of Peak Oil were frustrated by unforeseen developments. People discovered new oil fields. People invented new technologies to access oil or gas from pockets that were thought to be out of reach or exhausted. And people developed resources on private land, overcoming attempts at interference from governments and political pressure groups.

I believe the restoration of our fundamental liberties will occur because individuals will continue to practice them–no matter what. Liberty Island is but one piece of evidence that it’s starting to happen already. We are the frackers of fiction. Other freedom-loving individuals are fracking away–creating innovative ideas and advancing them entrepreneurially–in their respective fields. And that’s how we will win. I predict that by May 15, 2019, all of us will be feeling a lot happier than we do today.
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