I just got this email. I do not know these guys, and I have never donated to them. I intend to, though – just have to wait till payday. (NOTE: I’m not waiting anymore. Payday was July 1st, and I made my donation).

There are things in here I have touched upon in a couple of my blogs. In fact, I outright asked why Conservatives weren’t doing these things a few blogs back. Now that I know such an organization exists I am desperately hoping they are on the level. Therefore, I would really appreciate knowing if any true Conservatives out there have any valid reasons why we all shouldn’t donate to these guys on a regular basis. My original plan was to just donate once and wait until I see an actual ad, because I don’t just want to fill somebody’s pockets with money they won’t really spend, but I will forego waiting if any of the readers/writers out there can vouch for their legitimacy. If they are as good as advertised, and they have the capability to get our message out, I will continue to donate. Here’s hoping.

I have discovered the links in their email do not work when transferred. Here’s the actual URL. You may have to copy and paste. http://myemail.constantcontact.com/Help-Us-Defeat-Obamacare-and-the-Democrats-.html?soid=1102282725291&aid=mfgvzqmJULw

Now, here’s the main body of their email:

Dear Executive Producers:

You are receiving this email because you are part of an elite group of people who fund media projects. You should think of yourself as an executive producer because that is, in fact, what you are. The projects you fund, and help to get funded, by promoting what we are doing to others, are among some of the most important work that is being done anywhere today and IS AIMED AT SAVING our country. In that respect, you are an executive producer of the most important film ever made.

If we are to take back our Republic, someone must have the big vision–and that is us–together we can co-produce the symphony that will expose the progressives’ ideas for what they are–TOTALITARIAN! If we are to win, we can’t dribble bits out to the public, we must create a masterpiece–a plot line, a show featuring humor, and tragedy, exposing the bad guys with a 2016 ending that sets our nation back on the path to righteousness again.

We know who the bad guys are, but half the country does not. The ruling class does not have our consent to do to us what they are doing–they manufacture consent through the manipulation of their ignorant supporters. I use the term "ignorant" because most of them are useful idiots of the Democrat Party. The ones who are not ignorant are along to make sure that they are part of the Ruling Class Party and not under its thumb–they are the big corporations who finance the Democrat Party and the mainstream media who are the dogs who don’t bark.

This is a complicated game of manipulation; we have experts who have studied it for years. The Democrats–and other members of the ruling class–have figured out how to use mass manipulation of some in order to make us all their subjects. What we must do now is re-appropriate their methods and use them for good.

WHAT WE ARE ABOUT TO DO–that is, you and us together–is to produce a narrative that chronicles our loss of liberty to a very corrupt political hierarchy that excludes itself from the tyranny it visits on us. Sounds Shakespearian, doesn’t it? It does not have to end tragically though, and even though you must certainly be tired of fighting, is there any more worthy cause?

Now, back to the Shakespearian performance: what this will be is series of productions, some commercial length, some longer. The purpose will be to tell the true story of how corrupt our leaders are, from Obama to Clinton, how they are robbing the Middle Class and making themselves rich while pretending they are really just looking out for "the little guy". These people have armed guards around them to make sure that the "little guy" never gets close enough to touch them, or even ask them a question.

We have the talent to bring about change by using the same methods that the other side has used to bring us to this point. Notice how Obama went out Thursday and announced to the nation that "Obamacare is here to stay"– that was performance art, how can he make such a statement? Isn’t it up to us whether or not he can force his healthcare disaster on us? Of course it is, but Obama used a method that tyrants often use, that is to make us feel like we are powerless to stop him, that he will impose his will on us regardless of our wishes. That is why we are here!WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THIS FROM OBAMA OR ANY OF THE REST OF THE CORRUPT RULING CLASS!!!

GO HERE AND LET US KNOW YOU’RE WITH US!(Or You Can Join Us Using PayPal Here)

But we do have to fight this battle the way they have been fighting us. The next 14 months are critical. We must begin the fight now and put them in their places. We do this through clever television, radio, and internet ads targeting THEIR USEFUL IDIOTS-we will tell their voters all the things that Obama, Clinton, et alia do not want them to know. We have to be very good at it though. That is why we need you to be the executive producers of this Shakespearian production. We need your support, and we need YOU to promote what we are doing to everyone you know. That means forwarding our messages, keeping everyone informed and getting everyone you can reach involved with this project.

Your financial support is critical–how much is your liberty worth?

Most conservatives are unarmed–but we are not. Conservatives simply have refused to use the same weapons that the progressives have used against us. One of the problems is that wealthy people on our side have always had a belief that our principles are so abundantly obvious, and good, that all that is required of us is to say it so that everyone can hear it. I have always tried to explain why that isn’t the case. The anti-American Left has used brilliant and creative ways to discredit the freedom we believe in; they have created a paradigm for their beliefs and not allowed an argument for ours. Our group has a unique set of skills and talents: we have tactical, creative, production, and psychological experience and training-we can smash the progressive opposition in the arena of ideas, though not in the way that you think. We have to employ clever tactics to reach their base.

For far too long our side has failed to understand why we are losing. We have effectively disarmed ourselves and then we sit around and wonder how we lost.

What we must do for the next fourteen months is create a gigantic show. A huge production–one act at a time–that attacks the fundamentals of the totalitarian regime that we are facing. We must create doubt in everything they say and do, question every lie, and demand from them standards which they can never meet–and then publically flog them for failing to meet them.

We need a sustained, multipronged attack that does not cease. We must be relentless in pursuit of our objectives. The reason we must do this is that we cannot expect the conservatives we have elected to office, who are outnumbered in Washington, to wave a magic wand and make our vision a reality. The Left did not take over our country that way and we cannot expect to take it back from them that way. If anything, it will be more difficult to undo the damage. BUT IT CAN BE DONE, IT MUST BE DONE, BECAUSE THERE IS NO PLACE LEFT ON THE PLANET FOR FREE PEOPLE!! You Can Help Us Here!

We have to create the conditions for our side to win, there is no one else doing this. Most of the political people on our side don’t even have a clue what to do or how to win. That is why it is up to us. Obama and his enablers are fools to think this is over, we will not allow it!

We must use many tactics. We must at times appear like a ghost army that rhetorically attacks and then recedes. The reason Obama’s army has been able to isolate us and "freeze" us and hold us up to ridicule is because we follow orderly rules for protest. The Tea Party protests of 2009 and 2010 were very orderly, clean, proper, and were also easy targets for Obama, Pelosi, and their media allies to attack and marginalize. All you have to do is compare the media treatment of the Tea Party protests to their treatment of Occupy Wall Street, as well as Ferguson’s and Baltimore’s violent and illegitimate protests.

On the one hand, Tea Party protests were mocked, derided, and ridiculed by those in the establishment who defended, indeed supported, the violent protests of Baltimore, Ferguson, and Occupy Wall Street, even though the Tea Partiers were taxpayers who paid for the roads on which they marched.

Over the next 14 months we must put on a show, and the story and plot line must follow the treachery of the progressives who have overthrown our government and replaced it with their illegitimate regime.

Or for your convenience,you can contribute via PayPal-our Paypal account can also receive unlimited personal as well as corporate donations.

Our production is already underway. We are working on two television ads right now that attack at the heart of the Clinton machine and the deception of Obamacare.

Executive Producers, we need your help!

Yours in Liberty,

Scott Wheeler
Executive Director
PS. If you got this far – Life to America!
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