Liberate Liberty has heavily promoted Mortal Gods: Ignition, but now it is time to start talking about what comes next. I am working on multiple, original stories. Here is the first of three parts of what you might eventually see along with the venues where you likely will see them.
My new fiction likely will appear at the following three places: here, Liberty Liberty, and as books for sale at Amazon. This is all subject to change. But anticipate for the time being to see new fiction at these three places.
And when fiction appears at Liberate Liberty or at Liberty Island, much of it likely will be published for free and in full. (Although donations at Liberty Island or purchases of my books on sale at Amazon are always welcome.)
Other fiction might only be introduced for free at LL or LI, with the remaining story (or stories) being published for sale.
So what types of stories are coming? Like the venues, they are subject to change (I might even choose not to go through with some of these ideas at all).
But here is the first of three parts of a quick look at some story (and even series) ideas I have developed. Some are more developed than others. This part mostly focuses on planned Mortal Gods stories, but the next two parts will focus on other planned stories that take place outside the MG universe. . . .
Read the rest at Liberate Liberty.
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