Prose stories do not require artwork. However, prose stories struggle to find an audience without it. And what good is a story if no one is reading it? So here is the latest on the forthcoming artwork for the forthcoming tales from Liberate Liberty–here is what it will be as of now and here is what it can be if enough people support the stories.

I commissioned original artwork for both Mortal Gods: Ignition and Winning through Losing. The total of four separate commissions cost a significant amount of money. But it was worth it for those books. I’d like to commission more artwork for forthcoming stories (more of which I will post about this week–including how the first story will begin its serial publication this week or the next) but I need to make sure there is the demand for it.
So as of right now I’m creating the artwork for my latest work. I’m teasing excerpts of some of it above and in the images below. Some of what you see now might be different in its final form. And some of it I may not use at all. Also, while all the teased artwork is for Mortal Gods stories, I will be creating artwork for other tales as well. . . .
Read the whole post and see the art at Liberate Liberty.
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