Today’s Telegraph (UK) article on a Muslim conference in Paris is even more disturbing than normal. Another indisputable illustration of how backward, seventh century fanatics are perpetrating the civility of Western culture. Who else but sharia-loving Muslim men could successfully organize a conference in a modern, predominantly Catholic European city to discuss (among other things), whether to beat their wives?

Fortunately, there are deux individuals left in Paris that still have a pair. The courageous French women pictured above decidedly ‘punked’ the fundamental Islamist male conference–offering a little taste of the sixties laced with 1990’s era Eddie Vedder-esque women’s rights body-as-billboard style protesting.
Here’s the really crazy thing and perhaps the one fact that disturbed me the most: Instead of appreciating the lovely natural visuals provided by two young beautiful French women, the crowd yelled (among other things), "Kill Them". Later via social media, large groups of the same men pushed for the gang rape and stoning of the two women for what they had done. Essentially, online death warrants for two female citizens of a democratic Western nation.
Mal behavior that might prompt a "Whoop Whoop" from red-blooded American males (or any other straight men) instead ignited a murderous amount of hatred. European women may as well start stocking up on black fish nets for their faces.
My heart is breaking for the refugees, but the social landscape of Europe will no doubt change as result of increasing Middle Eastern and North African Muslim immigrants/refugees resettling there.
I’m not one for public display of pinkies, but if extremist Muslim men are so repelled by women’s breasts then perhaps Europe should line it’s ports and borders with topless women to keep the sharia-minded men out. Better yet, arm the gals, then see how tough those male fanatics are when women have the means to defend themselves.
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