Mortal Gods: Ignition collects three short tales focusing on how superhumans might confront real-world issues. And while superhuman individuals might seem like speculative fiction in the extreme, they aren’t that far from reality anymore. Recent information continues showinghow governments and institutions across the globe are working towards creating superhuman people.
News and primary sources on research and development that moves superhumans closer to becoming a reality aren’t necessarily common. But dedicated investigation uncovers some serious information showing that it is happening.
Armed forces and governments of a variety of nations are among the major organizations exploring the creation of superhumans. The U.S. armed forces and government won’t explicitly say they are researching and developing such technology and advancements, but they undoubtedly are. Governments of other nations, and private institutions are too.
The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) issued a press release in March claiming, “Mammoth Milestones for Synthetic Biology,” and it reveals some of the unique things being researched. …
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