I came across a sickening article while surfing for more Stocking Stuffers for Liberals ideas. Not sure why it popped up on my screen, but I couldn’t ignore it and kept reading despite the fact that every sentence in the article disturbed me. Many of you have probably already read about it, but I don’t believe it made national news.
In early May 2014, Emily Letts, a New Jersey abortion counselor, filmed her own abortion and posted it to Youtube that evening before going out to dinner. She also entered the video in Abortion Care Network’s "Stigma Busting Video Competition" and won. That’s when her abortion selfie went viral.
And she couldn’t be more pleased with herself. She states that every time she watches the video, she "loves it". She even kept the sonogram as a souvenir and claims that if her apartment caught fire, that would be the one item she would grab and flee with. She says that her abortion is a beautiful memory for her.

After gagging my way through the young woman’s account, I was left with questions and doubt. Was her abortion a means of fixing a mistake, or was the entire thing pre-meditated pro-choice propaganda–A ticket to sainthood in the United Church of Planned Parenthood that provides her paycheck. It seems that Ms. Letts was used in more ways than one.

I don’t believe that most folks who are staunch pro-choice advocates have any idea what they are supporting, and they don’t want to know. There are endless online articles including first hand accounts of viable infants fighting to live after botched abortions. Live birth abortions, where nurses and even a clergyman stood there and watched a fully developed live child crying, reaching out for someone while lying on the floor bleeding to death. The witnesses standing there doing nothing because the death had been confirmed on paper already. But no pro-choice liberal friends of mine want to discuss this. They argue that you can’t force a woman to be a parent. I agree. But there are plenty of folks, myself included, who’d be happy to have another face at the dinner table rather than in a waste receptacle.
I dread reading those articles, but one becomes apathetic if one routinely ignores wrong. I challenge anyone who is pro-choice to read a first hand account or better yet, watch one. Because you don’t have to go to Syria to see the beheading of an innocent. It happens here all the time, and it’s lovingly revered as "choice".
But this abortion is unique in that the mother is not only promoting the death of the life she created, she is showing the world how proud she is of her actions, and encouraging others to do the same. Ms. Letts is obviously seeking attention, looking to validate herself through Youtube hits (her video is now offline and copyrighted). Her online attention prompted an interview with Cosmopolitan where she gushed about her ability to help other women by providing an example of a positive abortion experience, claiming her short procedure was painless and guilt-free. The woman, a self described "birth junkie" who worked as an "abortion doula" at a clinic in Cherry Hill said in the interview that her abortion experience was "as birth like as it could be".
She’s obviously confused, unaware of the fact that taking life and giving life are polar opposites. Her experience of sitting for three minutes seemingly unaffected as life is detached from her body is a far cry from a laboring mom loving the eight pounder burning through her pelvis. Ms. Letts really is oblivious.
I hope for her sake that she didn’t create a life just to take it.
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