The shows are alright.

At least that’s the argument made by Jonah Goldberg in his National Review piece "Our Conservative Pop Culture."His basic argument is that we have ti all wrong and Hollywood actually presents conservative values.
Wait, before your head explodes like the guy in Scanners – and what sort of values does that portray? – Goldberg presents us with evidence:
1. There aren’t any abortion related comedies.
2. Bad guys tend to get killed at the end of movies.
3. There aren’t too many anti-war movies.
4. Sitcoms with families have family values.
I’ll take these in order.
First, while abortion is not a huge subject matter of most television shows, can we doubt that most characters on TV today are pro-choice? Indeed, the issue with liberal infiltration of the media is not explicitly liberal public service announcements but the implicit assumptions in our mass media.
Indeed, look at the gay marriage debate. Does anyone think we would have such a swing on that issue if Hollywood had not been pumping out pro-gay propaganda? There’s a reason the population massively overestimates how large a portion of the population is gay.Gays are approximately 1% of the population but portrayed as a far larger percentage. This shapes how people view the issue of redefining the family.
And it’s not a view that favors conservatism.
Progressivism is the broth in which our culture culture is being marinated. So the fact that we don’t have Maude on the air doesn’t seem like a great victory.
So bad guys get killed. Who are the bad guys? You see a conservative, you know he”s a bad guy. Bonus bad guy points if he’s a Christian. Ditto for business owners or anyone with money.
And so what if there aren’t many anti-war movies. I don’t see too many patriotic movies being made either. We make a big deal about the ones that come out because they are a rarity.
Finally, family values? Really? When every dad is at best a bumbling moron? When single motherhood among the lower and middle class is made to look like a walk in the park?
What kind of family Goldberg talking about?
Liberals took popular culture in the revolution. It’s time for the counter revolution.
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