Today the FBI chief, James Comey, released his findings on Hillary Clinton’s one-hundred ten classified emails that were sent through her personal account, citing Hillary’s behavior as "extremely careless" but does not recommend indicting her on formal charges.

If my husband would have done the same while serving as an Army officer he would be in prison right now.
Why is there such a push to prosecute our soldiers and military leadership for poor decisions made when our former Secretary of State couldn’t care less about the security of our nation?
Worse yet, I was having dinner with a Hillary supporter recently and she finds Trump to be "the most dangerous person in American history" to potentially hold office. I had to admit that he’s not my favorite either but I do believe that Trump loves this nation, just as I believe that W truly did his best to keep us safe after 9/11 (despite him giving birth to the utterly useless TSA).
My dear friend still believes that Bill was set up by the Republican party and that "Ken Starr is the devil! It was his personal vendetta to ruin them!". Because Clinton supporters don’t care what’s been done, what they do now (with Lynch on an airstrip in Phoenix), or what they will do if in the White House again. They simply don’t care.
The really truly upsetting thing is that half the nation is on board with this reckless manner of thinking. Is the USA bound to become the next big Banana Republic?

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