Last week a "truce" was struck between Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces. The deal seemed to favor what Russia wants anyway, so it doesn’t really look like much of a deal. Furthermore, those pro-Russian forces in eastern Ukraine didn’t waste any time in not honoring the agreement. And the rhetoric on both sides has been bold, chest-thumping style stuff, but while Russia seems to keep getting their way, the US responds with… Joe Biden and more talk. Granted, we are sending more troops to eastern Europe, but if we’re really concerned about the numbers of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border then the 600 troops to Estonia, et. al. doesn’t seem to match all the hype. I’m not even saying we need to intervene militarily – above my pay grade, for sure. But it seems like this is all dog-and-pony; all bark and no bite.

Why say anything about it if we’re not going to do anything? Not that I think I have the answers. I simply have lots of questions.

Maybe this is just the new era of diplomacy? Forget talking softly and carrying big sticks, no more Detente, bye-bye, peace through strength, hasta la vista, RESET, it’s looking like the era of More Flexibility.

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