I took my foursome to the library to get a new stack of books today. After turning in our previously checked out books, I moseyed on over to the periodicals for the new issue of Garden and Gun. It always has great suggestions for under-the-radar music as well as innovative food and drink ideas for those of us who love good food regardless of whether it’s modish or not.

I love Bon Appetite too, but the recipes and chefs often get too abstract for even very experienced home cooks to emulate…gushing over deconstructed and restructured dishes as if high quality ingredients presented in an artistic manner is fresh, food-forward, and ubertrendy.
Can I learn something applicable from a five-page-spread on a Michelin starred Frenchman who creates "foam" from chicken hearts, floats it on icicle radish puree, then finishes the dish with an air-dried squid-ink cellophane-noodle cage resembling a Joan Miro-esque automatism sketch? A fodder presentation like that may indeed be sculptural, hued and textural… but appetizing? I’d rather eat a smoked brat with grainy mustard and a side of five cheese sweet potato gratin.

Garden and Gun was next to Cosmo. I attempted to ignore Cosmo (and its interior refuse) but my attentions were commandeered by the cover. It looked as if a 40-something Barbra Streisand head was Photoshopped onto a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue body. But apparently, my confusion was just a deer-in-headlights (with headlights), somewhat altered, Sarah Jessica Parker. I’d confused the static Carrie Bradshaw with the ever-talented Yentl.
Like many other conservatives, ten+ years ago I was tired of Babs threatening to leave the U.S. if Bush was elected again. But the fact that she is so ridiculously talented rendered me more amused than irritated by her antics. She’s not just another liberal whining about women’s rights, Streisand actually contributed something positive to advancing the status of women in the arts.
Unlike Parker’s signature "Carrie Bradshaw", beloved for bad choices (spending her retirement on shoes, being a mistress, and having a quick romp with Jon Bon Jovi after an uneventful game of Twister), the Oscar-winning Streisand has an exquisite voice, acting ability, and was the first female Golden Globe winner for best director. Streisand paved the way for other gifted women directors like Kathryn Bigalow (Point Break, K-19: The Widowmaker, The Hurt Locker, and Zero Dark Thirty).
I’m wondering if SJP is moving her face around to look like Streisand with the hopes that she too will sing like a bird and act on par with Meryl Streep. I hope for her sake that it does work…because the Sex and The City episode when Carrie belts out a cosmo-fueled rendition of The Way We Were, leaves much to be desired.
It’s good that Parker has her cleavage to fall back (or forward?) on.
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