In light of recent politicultural purges, author Vox Day has posted a helpful guide to surviving leftoid witch hunts. A sample:
2. Don’t think that you can reason your way out of it. Most people have the causality backwards. They think the purge is taking place due to whatever it is that they did or said. That’s not the case. It is taking place because of who you are and what you represent to them. The truth is that the faction behind your prospective purge already wanted you out and they are simply using the nominal reason given as an excuse to get rid of you. [….]
3.Do not apologize! They will press you hard for an apology and repeatedly imply that if you will just apologize, all will be forgiven. Don’t be fooled! They are simply looking for a public confession that will confirm their accusations, give them PR cover, and provide them with the necessary ammunition to expel you. Apologizing does nothing more than hand them the very weapon they are seeking.

Well worth the read given that these days you never know when you may find your reputation and your livelihood being sacrificed to the great gods Diversity and Tolerance. So it goes in what passes for 21st Century America.

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