Tradition used to mean something.
But once again, President Obama has ruined a perfectly good one. That is, the forty-year democratic tradition of the embarrassing first brother. Not brother as in "What up, Dog?"…Brother as in Billy Carter and Roger Clinton.
Despite the fact that my candidate of choice only wins every now and then, at least in the past when a Democrat is in the White House, conservatives at home were guaranteed an amusing term while sitting at home, watching the news.
Perhaps if Obama had a goofy brother or half brother instead of an intelligent one that defies liberal thought processes in an intelligent, yet simplistic manner, then the president would at least be able to entertain us while he methodically ruins our capability to defend ourselves and our allies, all sense of decency, regard for human life, fuels race and class warfare, and strips us of our right to personal privacy.
At least with Carter and Clinton, they had buffers, goofy siblings to remind us that despite poor judgement on their behalf such as the Iran Hostage Crisis or The Big Lewinsky, that at least they are real people with dysfunctional families just like ours and we could relate.
Not so with Obama. He’s not at all amusing. And neither is his smug mother-in-law who is living in the White House, whom we are most likely also supporting along with Michelle’s personal make-up artist. Who needs that much make-up?
The most amusing exchange thus far is Obama’s drunk driving illegal uncle "Omar" from Kenya who the White House said they didn’t know then later changed their story…apparently, Obama has indeed stayed with his uncle in Cambridge prior to attending Harvard.
Perhaps if anyone knew exactly how many brothers Obama has it would be easier to pinpoint who the naughty ones are. Unfortunately, the only confirmed brother is a conservative Kenyan who actually spent time with their father and shared exactly what an abusive father he was while the family lived outside of Nairobi, before Obama’s father divorced his mother and married Barack’s mother.

It seems that Obama’s half brother teaches piano to orphans in China presently.
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