Sunday’s premiere of the new AMC series "Preacher" had reviewers wondering if the show can bolster the channel’s struggling lineup.
I look at “Preacher” in a different light.
It inspired me to write “MORTAL GODS: IGNITION,” a book about the exploits of superhuman individuals in a real-world setting.
Actually, it wasn’t AMC’s “Preacher” that partially inspired me to write “Mortal Gods: Ignition.” Rather, it was the 1990s comic book series of the same name.
I never read the “Preacher” title but became familiar with it through heavy promotion by the comic book industry. If you don’t know it, you can read a thorough analysis of it at PopMatters.
And it was a combination of “Preacher” and a ton of other terrible entertainment over the years that finally caused me to say enough was enough. It’s time to produce my own stories.
That’s right. “Preacher” didn’t partially inspire me to write “Mortal Gods: Ignition” because I liked it; it helped inspire me because I loathe it. …
Read the whole thing at Hollywood in Toto.
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