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Lesbians make great farmers and our government is encouraging them, through subsidies, to achieve self-actualization with a hoe.

Yesterday after dinner (compliments of my garden, the local butcher, and my husband’s own craft brew) I found myself at the MacBook, rebutting comments by a bunch of angry, liberal, hipster farmers, harpooning Rush Limbaugh over comments regarding the U.S.D.A.’s attempt to woo city mice into the country–But only gay, female, city mice. I had listened to Limbaugh’s broadcast in Black Betty (our big pick up) while my husband and I ran errands.

I didn’t think much about the broadcast until I found that my favorite online magazine, Modern Farmer, had posted an article stating that Limbaugh is "terrified of lesbian farmers". Too bad Dan Nosowitz didn’t listen to the broadcast he was reporting on or just isn’t shrewd enough to register the satirical qualities of the show (despite Limbaugh’s non-stop gulping walrus bellylaugh).
Limbaugh used a vat of sarcasm, amusing himself even more than usual by suggesting that liberals are pushing lesbians into red areas for swing votes under the guise of expanding farming programs. Limbaugh went back and forth with himself and callers in comical exchanges–Spot-on derisions illustrating exactly how our government panders to lefties.
Of course they failed to recognize the irony. Progressives who wear plaid Filson lumberjack shirts but are against felling trees could not possibly grasp well-executed satire. They are too offended by everything around them to really concentrate on what was actually implied.
How very sad.
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