Hillary’s thighs as nut busters? If only it were true. I can’t recall her accomplishing anything by means of hard-as-nails diplomacy as Secretary of State. Scratch that–She did support Anthony Weiner with a straight face in NYC for her gal pal Huma.
I’d really like to see this nutcracker done in a Condi Rice likeness. It would be more appropriate considering she actually represented the U.S. as a country deserving of respect, unlike our ever-clueless Hillary or ever-impotent John Kerry.
Who could forget the press conference Kerry held after the first ISIS beheadings?…Presenting murders by subhumans as outliers among otherwise peaceful people. I believe he called the incidents senseless acts of violence that would not be tolerated in the future (although according to Drudge today, an American is scheduled for the next shocking senseless act of violence).
Hillary is diplomatically incapable of busting nuts, but at least she will finally be useful on some level over the holidays (given the fact that her thighs could use the exercise).
Maybe next year they’ll have a Michelle Obama nutcracker and I can draw Obama’s face on an unsuspecting walnut and watch what happens….That might be fun.
This item is ready to ship at Amazon.com. If you’re feeling really generous, get the liberal in your life the matching Bill Clinton "Corkscrew" doll. Because unlike Hillary, it seems he was good at something.
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