Is it even illegal to spell "Liberty" in China?
I was looking for a dress on ebay, and came across this ad from a clothing manufacturer in Beijing. They are marketing to American women, not realizing that they had spelled "liberty" incorrectly. This "Liverty" dress is $18. I wonder if a child made it.
I’m not immune from typos. Quite the opposite–A bit of a knucklehead when it comes to details sometimes (always). But, I did get a chuckle out of this ad before I really thought about how sad it is. I wondered if the spelling was intentional.
Made me think of a Chinese woman I see almost every year at Rolling Thunder D.C.
Rolling Thunder is a well executed (mostly sober) motorcycle rally held the Sunday before Memorial Day each year. Hundreds of thousands of bikers begin to file into the Pentagon parking lot at dawn. Lining up two-by-two, in perfectly manicured rows, to honor someone who personally paid for our freedoms.
Old friends catch up and new friends are made. The overwhelming sense of community is remarkable for half a million people who are for the most part, strangers. The bikers and passengers are all very cool, respectful of each other and to the event. Each spending five hours or more on hot black top, anxiously awaiting their turn to go.
The signal is given at noon and the engines are revved up. Their resonance shaking the earth beneath. It’s exhilarating. Especially in the past when George W. did somewhat low flybys in his helicopter and everyone would cheer.
The Chinese woman is a devoted annual spectator. I look for her each year at the last turn before the straightway. Her hand written sharpie signs on plain white poster board. Her petitions in hand, pleading with anyone who will listen. She shouts, waving her clipboard with paper and signatures from empathetic passerby’s. But she needs more.
She stands alongside vets and other patriotic Americans celebrating Memorial Day in a solemn fashion in our nation’s capital. She seeks support from this curated audience who esteem liberty. Advocating on behalf of those who’s rights are being violated in the country of her birth. A place nearly void of such luxuries as freedom. And her spelling of ‘liberty’ is correct because it is precious to her.
I’ve always wanted to stop and speak with her, but that’s impossible. Being on the back of a moving HOG only allows quick hand slaps, no time for conversation. Everyone must keep moving so that accidents are avoided.
So this is for her. I saw you. I heard you. Thank you for your respect of liberty, in word and in concept. See you in May.
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