Before we can change ourselves, we must admit that we have a problem. That’s the first step, right after hitting rock-bottom. Unfortunately, we also have to see the problem, too.

In an era where many folks haven’t just lost their way they’ve never known any other road, Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds are at the forefront of an entitlement avalanche that threatens to demolish us all. Leading this reckless charge down the steep slope of freedom is a remorseless soul that is beyond logic or reason. Instead, it often bullies others with a "me-first" philosophy, ends-based morality and unchallenged lies disguised as hurt feelings.

If we held a town hall meeting today in this country’s busiest cities and even in some of its sleepiest towns, those who would take the microphone and angrily address their neighbors and community leaders would voice outrage and frustration. The evidence is piled high all around us. From a lack of corporate governance to unaccountable public officials, corruption in education as well as in athletics, not to mention ill-advised and near bankrupt programs, the poison of entitlement penetrates nearly every demographic of this nation’s population.

Whether it’s in the realm of marriage and sexual relationships, parenting or simply handling our own finances, unreasonable expectations driven by entitlement invariably lead to self-destruction. As a nation, we glance across a chasm without the sense to build a bridge first and then punch the accelerator anyway. Each year, the pavement is just extended a few more feet, another couple hundred yards or perhaps another mile or so; still, a catastrophic era lies ahead.

From the abuses taking place in local school systems, hospital emergency rooms and overwhelmed public services, entitled attitudes and self-absorbed living threaten to push our nation one step closer to a complete demolition and rebuild project. Insisting and demanding that others feed us, shelter us, pay for our poor choices or habits, and settle our debts is a dead-end road. Sadly, we’ve enslaved our future prospects to a farsighted view of our current circumstances.

These stories sum-up in many ways the enormous problems that we face and the daunting challenges and work which lies ahead. Entitlement will never unshackle itself from our lives; yet, the good news is that we each possess our own set of keys to those leg-irons and handcuffs that imprison our will to live differently.

Based upon your own personal experience and observations, what areas of everyday life in America do you view as the "Top 5 Biggest Entitlement Traps"?

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