The lameness, it burns.

Yesterday’s Wall Street Journalhad a write-up by Chuck Dixon, one of my regularly read comic writers growing up, on how leftoids have taken over comics (non-paywall version available here). This isn’t news. I’m old enough to remember when Ronald Reagan got turned into a giant snake in an issue of Captain America:
Or that time Richard Nixon was the supervillain leader of the Secret Empire and killed himself when caught:
Good times…

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton got depicted sympathetically even while he was firing Captain America.
The only difference between comics’ leftard tilt now and back in decades past is the combination of shamelessness and self-delusion. Look at the panel above with Spider-Man and Obama again. Only those with a religious devotion wouldn’t cringe at the disgusting obsequiousness of both the scene and the company that would publish it.
Which begs the question: do we want our heroes to be this way? Acting like tweener girls meeting Justin Bieber for men that–surprise!–turn out to use government agencies to war by proxy on their political opponents? Would real heroes get behind whatever the Leftoid Hivemindanoints the message of the day? Yesterday it was Superman renouncing his American citizenship. Tomorrow it will be Mary Jane and Peter Parker’s relationship being deemed too heteronormative for polite society. And so it goes.
Maybe these old heroes are just broken. Or maybe the people that are writing them are. Same thing at this point.
Maybe then it’s time people come up with new superheroes.
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