I’m sitting here trying to get myself primed for some good sleep but I’m too irritated to do so.

In October, the new laws regarding pot as the equivalent of a minor traffic violation and an open-wide medical marijuana law to accompany the legislation goes live. I don’t like it. Call me a prude, but I don’t see how those laws are going to do any good. However, the people have spoken and the new pot laws go into effect in a few days. But that’s not why I can’t sleep.
It seems that if our lawmakers were keen on decriminalizing pot, that they would also pass commonsense retroactive laws to decriminalize the criminals. But, the more I read online, the more I’m seeing that lawmakers couldn’t care less about the approximately 45k+ folks sitting in prison now for minor pot offenses, even those in Colorado and Washington, where the residents have most excitedly embraced their new freedoms. Worst part is, these prisoners could be out getting legitimate jobs and paying taxes instead of us paying for them to sit in prison.
Essentially, our minor citizen criminals are sitting in jail for something that is no longer naughty while our borders are wide open to potential hardened criminals, terrorists, rapists, and perverts? I realize that most of those coming across the border are probably very decent people who are just looking for a better life, but what about those who are just looking for trouble somewhere else?
Perhaps our jailers could rule POTUS style. Have the prison guards stand down and look the other way while the minor drug offenders quietly walk away and start over. As for useful employ, I would suggest the former prisoners explore the vocation of pot grower versus pot dealer. I suspect that will be a profitable venture. Better yet, they could ban together, create the Stoner’s Union, and get government set-aside contracts for medical marijuana under Obamacare.
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