Part horror, part comedy, part character study of a modern woman trying to balance career and love life, this book is a pure delight. As promised in the title, Neeta Lyffe makes her living by killing zombies. One would think this would make for a life of non-stop excitement and universal admiration, and one would be wrong. Set firmly in our world, although a few decades in the future, the story does not shy away from pitfalls of modern life. Our heroic zombie killer has to deal with lawsuits, mounting bills and less than satisfying personal life, making her instantly sympathetic and recognizable in spite of her tough-as-nails public persona and exceptional profession.

(OK, I admit being able to fire up a chainsaw in a corporate meeting is a definite advantage, but aside from that…)

The main plotline is centered around a reality show that has Neeta training a group of aspiring zombie exterminators, one of whom would receive a million dollars at the end of the season. This allows the story to veer into the commentary on our obsession with reality TV and celebrities as well as the effect that living in the public eye has on the participants. It’s all done in a lighthearted way, poking gentle fun at the modern culture and the way we tend to approach our entertainment. There is also some not-so-gentle satire of EPA regulations, social activism and the legal system that makes the story just a touch thought provoking without distracting from the fun and action. The twists and turns of the plot are fairly predictable, but the novel shines in the execution. What happens is less important than how, and it’s the cast of characters- all recognizable archetypes, but fun company nonetheless- that keeps us enjoying the ride.

If you have the means, I highly recommend the audiobook version because the reader truly makes the story come to life, complete with distinct voices for all the characters and sound effects reminiscent of old fashioned radio plays. However, the story is entertaining enough in any format. Recommended to action and comedy fans alike, and you don’t have to like or even know standard zombie literature to enjoy this take on the genre.

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