Good book, very fast paced and compelling. The premise of an American group of operatives getting betrayed by politicians is less fantastic today than it might have been just a few years ago, and the justice/revenge plotline that takes up the first half of the story is exceptionally satisfying. (However, be prepared for a couple of truly gruesome scenes. They are well earned on an emotional level, but not for the faint of heart.) The author has excellent timing and knows how to keep a reader well engaged for the duration. Just as we think the story is getting repetitive (how many politicians can be killed in how many different ways before the novelty is gone?), there is an abrupt change of pace. While the first part is basically "Ten Little Indians" on steroids, the second part is a twist on Escape From L.A. Sadly, no Snake Plisskin in sight, but plenty of new excitement and action along the way. And just as the reader starts thinking, "Hey, this second part should have been another book!" everything cycles back to the original premise, making for a well thought out, fully coherent story.

Now, for the characters. The protagonist somehow manages to stay sympathetic and very human throughout, even though he spends most of the book being at least marginally insane. Secondary characters are nicely layered, interacting with the protagonist in sometimes unpredictable, always interesting ways, and leaving the reader wanting to know more about them. The ending gives just enough closure to not be a shameless "hurry up and buy my next book" cliff hanger, but definitely leaves a room for a sequel, currently in the works.

Recommended to political/military thriller fans as well as those who enjoy vigilante justice stories.

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