I have a cousin who is a prominent physicist, and we were discussing whether certain principles of physics can be useful in political science. To appeal to his mathematical mind, I gave him the following equation:

American + Revolution = Last Best Hope of Earth

French + Revolution = Mass Graves & The Gulag

Sic semper… Why? Because the American Founding Fathers were keenly aware of the nature of human frailty and the limits of human understanding. Even the most benevolent among us cannot be allowed to rule by decree, for such power would inevitably corrode any benevolence like salt on steel, and even if one had omniscience in any given moment it would be useless, since the moment keeps changing.
Well-ordered liberty, free markets and limited government – as opposed to modern systems descended from the principles of the French Revolution such as fascism, socialism, communism and "American Progressivism" (an oxymoron) – have proven themselves to be best suited for the survival of a culture in the long term.
The French peasant storming the Bastille wanted to take away the wealth and privilege of the aristocracy and tear them down to his level. The farmers and shop keepers with their muskets upon the Old North Bridge in Concord wanted nothing from the Redcoats in front of them but to be left alone to live their lives as they see fit, and to formulate what rules must be made in their own councils. The so-called "Gadsden" flag did not fly to take away anything from anybody else – it just gave a simple warning: "DONT TREAD ON ME."
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