Today I found myself waiting at a red light and, unbeknownst to me when I stopped, I was behind a knucklehead. When the light turned green he waited for the car ahead of him to get more than ten feet away before he started slowly moving.

This happens a lot, and it drives me nuts because I know there are sensors under the road. Most lights will turn yellow either immediately or within a few seconds of the sensor not feeling any weight, and this particular sensor was of the ‘immediately’ variety. The car ahead of him was off the sensor before his car moved up, and then the knucklehead made the slowest right turn possible (Seriously, why should anybody use the brakes when making a turn at only 5 miles an hour?). Naturally, the light turned red before he finished making his turn.

Once again I found myself wishing it was legal to have a mini-gun mounted on the front of my car so I could shred these type self-centered jerks whenever I found them sharing the road with people who actually knew how to drive. (Okay, I mostly mean whenever they annoy me).

This brutal (yet remarkably soothing) thought led me to a couple observations concerning rights.

I’ve listened to a few local radio shows over the years wherein the subject is why people drive obnoxiously and hold up traffic. Inevitably the two biggest complaints are against inconsiderate jerks driving well below the speed limit in the left lane, and goofballs who bring their car to almost a complete stop before pulling off the main road into a parking lot or gas station. What’s funny is the jerks and goofballs listening
to the radio get so worked up over the complaints they call in to angrily
justify their behavior. You know what they always say? It’s their right!

Well, not only is that an extremely weak justification for driving like a jerk, it isn’t even true. Driving isn’t a
right; it’s a privilege, and you actually have to earn that privilege.

For perhaps the ten thousandth time, I thought to myself if there was any justice in the world efforts would be made to show these people the error of their ways. Being a guy who has absolutely no confusion about my male identity, I was initially more interested in considering violent methods to get the message across, and that led me to a light-bulb moment. If, by chance, a law was created making it legal to shoot people who did these things, and in today’s social climate I feel obligated to say I am not in any way advocating for such a law, those who drove this way really would change their behavior. (This, incidentally, isn’t that far off from what the ultimate last step would be in the process Michelle Obama is suggesting the government should follow whenever people fail to respond properly to a leftist "nudge").

That was when it hit me. A right you wouldn’t fight to the death to protect isn’t really a right. It’s a want. Now, people in America have a right to want, but nobody has a right to annoy other people over that want.

David Dubrow’s posting "Bruce Springsteen, NC, and You" is correct. It’s time to stop letting the
whiners push us around over the stupid things they want. As with most
struggles, it will take a team effort. Using the slow driver in the left lane
as an example, a possible way to get him to change his behavior would be for one person to
get in front of him and drive slower. Then somebody else could join the team and
drive beside him so he couldn’t change to the right lane. His only option would be
to eventually take a left turn lane, and I very much doubt it would take more than two of
these events to make him do the speed limit in the left lane forever after.

What I’m saying is every annoying thing a whiner is doing these days can be handled in the same peaceful manner. There ain’t an activist out there willing to die for any of the bonehead issues
plaguing us now, so there’s no way we would ever be in any real danger, and most of the loudest voices are only brave when they think nobody will fight back. It just about guaranteed they’ll fall apart as badly as Sally Jesse Raphael did after she decided to start a fight with Rush. All it will take to prove these jerks are cowards is a little pushback from a unified team. We need to join together and make our presence felt. If we don’t, they’ll end up winning.

Just ask the Indians. If Tecumseh had succeeded in unifying all the tribes, we might be speaking Shawnee now.

PS: Life to America!

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