Back in the mid-90s I remember liking the movie Dave an awful lot. Ever since his Oscar-winning performance in A Fish Called Wanda I’d been a huge Kevin Kline fan and this movie, while not quite as funny, had charm.

One of the prominent storylines in the movie is the loveless marriage of convenience between the President and the First Lady, played wonderfully by Sigourney Weaver. She stayed married to the President because it gave her the power to work on her favored projects. The President maintained the facade because it was good politics, while behind the scenes he slept with every twenty-something blonde who would have him.
I don’t recall anyone at the time doubting very seriously that this plot point was either loosely based or likely mirrored the lives of the then occupants of the White House, Bill and Hillary Clinton. In fact, President Clinton liked the film so much he signed a copy of the screenplay for the author, Gary Ross, saying "with thanks for your help to me, forgiveness for your funny, often accurate lampooning of politicians herein."
In 2015 nobody is clamoring for a Dave remake, even in remake-centric Hollywood. It was a cute movie, it had its day, and maybe if it shows up on cable I’ll check it out for a few nostalgic minutes.
For all of his "accurate lampooning of politicians," I daresay Gary Ross could not have predicted that, over twenty years later, his First Lady would be running for the President for the second time. Republicans have been targeting Hillary Clinton for weeks with devastating critiques and a new book due out soon, Clinton Cash, promises even more grist for the mill.
I’d like to see Republicans hold off on some of this. The election is over 18 months away and no scandal has yet brought a Clinton down.
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