Last night I laid in bed, thanking God for those that have kept another 9/11 from happening. Praying for those who have been injured or killed, for those who have completed their service, and for those who continue to stand guard, preserving the American way of doing life. Lastly, I prayed for their families, who inherently carry much of the burden.

As much as the War on Terror has been viewed as a failure by the Left, the fact is that it has been a success. That deduction is based on the assured fact that our young ones in uniform and those who lead and support them, have triumphantly thwarted repeats of 9/11. Effectively pushing the battle brought to our soil back to the Middle East and keeping it there. The U.S. mainland has not encountered another breach the likes of 9/11, since 9/11, and I hope that major victory is a great source of pride among our War on Terror-era vets.
For whatever reason, our soldiers continue to put their own safety aside for us, strangers. The blood of the broken and fallen purchase my freedom to speak freely, to live how I choose, and to raise my children in a church where we worship the God of abundant grace, not the Jihadist god of destruction.
Fourteen years later, our nation is still very much intact. There is quarreling among our people regarding what direction we must go next year. But the fact that we will again have the opportunity to exercise our democratic freedoms through open dialogue, debate, and voting, well-illustrates just how successful our soldiers have been. But, let us never forget what our safety has personally cost them and their families.
Since 9/11, over 6,800 American troops have died in Iraq and Afghanistan and an additional 6,900 government military support personnel /contractors have been killed. Many that did survive returned home damaged, in need of services. An astounding 970,000 American vets deployed to Iraq/Afghanistan have registered for disability with the VA.
"Never Forget" is easy to say as we go about our daily civilian lives here living, eating, playing, and working, just as we did before 9/11. But this year instead of just remembering, do something. Consider the sacrifices made by our "quiet professionals" and give a piece of yourself back to them. Below (in no particular order) are just a few charities seeking a hand in caring for our protectors and their families:
Today is September 11th. Make "Never Forget" more than just another well-meaning slogan on a faded, fourteen-year-old bumper sticker.
* If you have a vet-related charity to add to the list, please leave a comment with charity name and website and I’ll update this post.
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